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MHI Acquires Equity in ATLA, an Italian Gas Turbine Maintenance Firm,
To Strengthen Power System Operations in Europe


Tokyo, August 9, 2010 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has acquired a 40% equity stake in ATLA S.r.l., an Italian gas turbine parts manufacturing and repair company, to further enhance its operational structure for gas turbine maintenance services in Europe. Through collaboration with ATLA, MHI aims to boost its competitiveness in the European power systems market by providing superior inspection and maintenance services for gas turbine components that are exposed to very high temperatures. With the strengthening of its service structure in Europe (also covering the Middle East region), MHI has now completed its global gas turbine maintenance structure. Earlier the company enhanced corresponding operations in the Americas and the Asian region.

In securing equity in ATLA, MHI acquired 40% of ATLA's outstanding shares from AVIO S.p.A., an Italian aerospace company, and E. Gandini, ATLA's president.

ATLA was established in 1978 and has its head office and plant in Chieri, near Turin. The company engages in the manufacture and repair of gas turbine components, and has built a solid reputation in the repair of gas turbine components exposed to very high temperatures, including many gas turbines manufactured by MHI.

In tandem with its equity participation in ATLA, MHI will send directors to ATLA and boost ATLA's technical support structure in order to provide the world's foremost services primarily in the areas of repair of gas turbine components exposed to very high temperatures and maintenance of small parts and auxiliary equipment. MHI and ATLA will also mull further enhancement of repair capability and strengthening of parts production capacity through plant expansion, and an increase in MHI's investment ratio in ATLA.

MHI's power systems services in Europe, which is managed and operated by MPSE's service department in London, are being provided through its extensive service network of Power Systems Spain, s.l. in Madrid, Diamond GT Service Europe s.r.l. (JV established in 2007 by MHI and ATLA), and Maintenance Partners NV (MP) acquired by MHI in 2009. MP, which is based in Antwerp, Belgium, is a leading provider of maintenance services for mechanical rotating machines, offering services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The acquisition of ATLA equity enables MHI to strengthen and solidify its service structure in Europe further, realizing provision of swift and timely services to local customers. Going forward MHI will provide highly specialized power system maintenance services to existing and new customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa through its service network.


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