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MHI Signs MOU with GE to Start Studying
Joint Development of New Steam Turbine for GTCC


Tokyo, January 30, 2009 - MHI agreed with GE to start studying the co-development of steam turbine for gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) power plants and signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU). The two companies will integrate their technologies under the co-development and will aim to create a new generation steam turbine with high performance and high reliability.

The two companies will first consider the basic specification of next generation steam turbine for GTCC use and will work towards a possible agreement for co-development. This steam turbine will be manufactured by each company and will be utilized for their respective GTCC projects.

After closing the agreement for GTCC steam turbine, the two companies plan to study the feasibility of co-development of a new steam turbine for nuclear power plants by combining each company’s experiences and excellent technologies. In addition, both companies will study the possible establishment of a joint venture to promote the cooperation in the co-development activities and the engineering of advanced manufacturing process for the co-developed products.

Under this program, MHI and GE will combine their cutting edge technologies, which have been accumulated by each of them and will endeavor to create the new steam turbine for GTCC with high performance and high reliability.

GTCC is the system for power generation under which gas turbine generates electricity and its exhaust gas will be used for the generation again with steam turbine. This system utilizes resources effectively and can decrease the greenhouse effect gas emission. As the concern for global warming spread over the world, large demand is expected for GTCC and nuclear power generation system which impose less burden to the environment. MHI will expand its power systems business by innovative new steam turbines which are the critical component in those systems.


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