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MHI and COMEX NUCLEAIRE Consortium Receives Order from EDF
For the supply of Six Replacement Steam Generators
For Nuclear Power Plants in France


Tokyo, January 8, 2009 -- Further to an international bidding, the partner companies, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) and COMEX NUCLEAIRE has received an order from EDF (Electricite De France S.A.) to supply six replacement steam generators (RSG) for pressurized water reactor (PWR) nuclear power plants (NPP) in France. Their delivery will begin in 2013 and be completed in 2014. Within EDF, the project is managed by the Generation Nuclear Engineering Center (CIPN) at Marseilles.

Indeed, EDF in line with its NPP component renewal program is sequentially replacing the existing steam generators (SG) at its PWR NPPs, which went into operation in the 1980s. EDF, headquartered in Paris, is the one of the world's largest electricity suppliers, providing electricity to approximately 38.5 million customers in Europe. The company operates 58 PWRs.

MHI previously received its first order from EDF for the supply of six RSGs in 2005. The latest order thus brings the cumulative number of units ordered to MHI by EDF to twelve.

COMEX NUCLEAIRE provides, traditionally, highly specialized services and maintenance for NPP facilities. Within the framework of this contract with MHI, COMEX NUCLEAIRE will provide more particularly:

-the engineering and specific studies,
-the reconciliation with the French standards and regulations,
-the supports for the licensing vis-à-vis the Nuclear Safety Authority,
-the surveillance of the French and European subcontractors,
-the inland transport of the RSGs,
-the on site follow up and surveillance activities during the installation of the RSGs.


The RSGs on order will be manufactured at MHI's Kobe Shipyard and Machinery Works. The RSGs measure 21 meters in height and weigh roughly 300 tons. Their pressure-resistant container, made of low-alloy steel*, houses more than 4,000 heat transfer tubes made of a thermally treated alloy – inconel TT690**, an advanced material. SGs play a crucial role in PWRs by transferring the thermal energy generated in the reactor vessel to a secondary coolant and feeding the resulting steam to a turbine system to generate electricity.

In recent years MHI has been vigorously expanding sales of NPP equipment in receiving orders for 22 units of its RSGs from overseas, including France, Belgium and the United States.

The latest order was awarded based on EDF's recognition of MHI's and COMEX NUCLEAIRE's sophisticated engineering and technological expertise, product quality, reliability and capability to adapt to the standards and licensing rules France requires, in addition to its abundant RSG delivery and operational track records.

Going forward, MHI and COMEX NUCLEAIRE, which collaborate together since 2002, will continue actively conduct marketing activities to achieve further sales expansion of the NPP market of France.

* Steam generators are manufactured with strong low-alloy steel made of manganese, molybdenum and nickel steel, a combination highly resistant to the strong pressures characteristic of pressurized reactor (primary) and secondary coolants.
** Inconel TT690 is a thermally treated nickel-chromium-iron alloy offering enhanced resistance to stress corrosion cracks under high temperatures and pressures. It is used as a principal material of heat transfer tubes.

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