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MHI Receives Order for 2 Steam-turbine Power Generation Systems
From West Delta Electricity Production Company, Egypt
-- For 1,300 MW Thermal Power Generation Plant near Alexandria --


Tokyo, September 16, 2008 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), jointly with Toyota Tsusho Corporation, has received an order from West Delta Electricity Production Company (WDEPC) of Egypt for two sets of a 650 MW (megawatt) natural-gas/heavy-oil fired steam-turbine power generation system. The two systems, each featuring the largest power generation capacity of conventional thermal power generation units of this kind in Egypt, will be added to WDEPC's existing power plant near Alexandria to meet robust electricity demand in the Nile Delta region. The two units are slated to go on-stream in May and September 2012, respectively.

WDEPC is a government-owned electricity production company under the aegis of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC), which regulates production, transmission and distribution of electricity throughout Egypt. The power generation systems on order will be installed at the company’s power plant in Abu Qir, located on the Mediterranean coast approximately 20 kilometers northeast of Alexandria, Egypt’s second-largest city. MHI’s Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works will be responsible for manufacturing and installing the steam turbines and for overall coordination. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will supply the generators. Power Generation Engineering & Services Company (PGESCo), an Egyptian power plant engineering and consulting firm, will be responsible for boilers, electrical equipment and civil engineering work.

MHI has previously received orders from WDEPC for two steam turbines for a gas turbine combined-cycle (GTCC) power generation facility at its Nubaria Power Station in 2003 and for two gas turbines for its Sidi Krir GTCC Power Station in 2007. In terms of steam-turbine power generation systems, the latest order comes on the heels of an order from Cairo Electricity Production Company (CEPC), also an EEHC affiliate, for its Cairo West Power Station. MHI believes that the latest order resulted from the high evaluation accorded by WDEPC to MHI for its solid track record, marked by orders for a total of six gas turbines and four steam turbines from EEHC affiliates since 2000.

Egypt, which has been actively implementing economic reforms, has recovered from the economic slowdown earlier this decade and is now tracing a steadily rising economic trajectory, with real GDP growth reaching 6.9% in fiscal 2006 and 7.1% in 2007. In tandem with economic recovery, many new power plant constructions and expansion of existing power plants are being planned to accommodate increasing electricity demand. Leveraging the latest power plant order, MHI will further strengthen its aggressive approach to power plant construction projects in Egypt, including both steam-turbine and gas-turbine power generation systems.


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