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MHI to Introduce 3 New “DIAMOND V Series” Models
Of Sheet-fed Offset Presses
-- Exhibition and Demonstration at “drupa 2008” --


Tokyo, March 18, 2008 – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) will exhibit and demonstrate three new models in the DIAMOND V Series, the company’s sheet-fed offset presses developed in pursuit of maximum productivity and operability, at “drupa 2008,” the world’s largest international graphic art exhibition for the printing industry. This year’s show will be held for 14 days, from May 29 through June 11, at the Messe Fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The three models to be introduced are: 1) the “DIAMOND V3000LX,” designed for optimal printing on various stock across a wide thickness range; 2) the “DIAMOND V3000R,” a convertible perfector press for both single-side and double-side printing; and 3) the “DIAMOND V3000TP,” a dedicated one-pass perfecting press that applies MHI’s proprietary technologies for fully printing on one side and then the other without tumbling the sheet. All three sheet-fed offset presses focus on minimizing non-printing time and increasing production availability time while retaining the basic performance standards of MHI’s earlier printing presses reputed for their high quality and reliability.

The DIAMOND V Series represents a new generation fully improving, for the first time in seven years, on the existing DIAMOND Series. The new V Series models minimize non-availability factors from the three perspectives of maintenance time, less make-ready time and elimination of waste caused by printing imperfections. MHI introduced the first DIAMOND V3000, a straight printing offset press for sheet sizes up to 1050 millimeter (mm) x 750 mm, last fall. The three machines to be exhibited at drupa 2008 mark the second round of new model V Series introductions.

To boost productivity and operability even further, all three of the new presses accommodate “SimulChanger,” the industry’s first fully automatic plate changing system that enables fast and precise removal and mounting of all printing plates simultaneously in less than 75 seconds, regardless of the number of color units involved. If the time required for plate cylinder repositioning at each unit is excluded, the plate change time itself is performed in less than 38 seconds. The presses can also accommodate the optional “DIAMOND Color Navigator” system, which enables easier color adjustment – a procedure that has conventionally been a highly skill-intensive operation.

Improvements in the three new presses also targeted easier maintenance and enhanced operability. Improvements in maintenance and management are achieved through: 1) the adoption of lubricant-free bearings in the cylinders, thereby minimizing such problems as oil splatters on the sheet and machine failures; 2) the introduction of “automatic positioning of lubrication points and lubricating” functions; and 3) the implementation of a device that increases the excessive powder recovery rate in the sheet delivery. In addition, a number of preset functions make for further enhancement in operability.

The DIAMOND V3000LX is capable of printing on sheets with thicknesses ranging from 0.04 to 1.0 mm. To prevent scratches and smudging when printing on thick sheets, various innovations in air management control have been incorporated, and improvements in air control efficiency and reduction in the number of air blowers have been realized through redesigning of the air hose arrangement. Productivity and maintenance workability have also been improved by redesigning the installation position of the dryer within the extended delivery and the location of dryer lamps between individual printing units.

The DIAMOND V3000R is a convertible press with changeover to and from the perfecting mode suitable for both straight printing and perfecting. Through the adoption of a three-cylinder reversing unit with double-size reversing cylinders, the press realizes stable sheet transfer and high-speed perfecting at printing speeds up to 16,200 sheets/hour, the fastest in the industry and equivalent to the speed of MHI’s straight model presses. Improvements in the delivery have further eliminated factors that typically cause sheet smudging.

The DIAMOND V3000TP marks a further advancement in MHI’s Tandem Perfector (TP) press, which uses proprietary technologies to enable one-pass perfecting and features a unique in-line connection of front-side printing units and reverse-side printing units. Inheriting existing TP press features, the new model provides optimum flexibility in printing, minimizing limitations inherent in convertible perfector presses such as print image area and sheet size accuracy. The press is not only capable of thin to thick stock applications but also achieves high-speed printing at 16,200 sheets/hour, the same as the V3000R, with a newly added belt-transfer mechanism that eliminates smudges in the delivery.

In the area of general commercial and catalog printing, where sheet-fed presses commonly excel, fierce pricing competition is being waged against other types of presses, especially web presses for high-volume printing and print-on-demand (POD) systems for small-lot printing. In order to win this competition in high-quality printing, the primary value-added feature of sheet-fed presses, is essential. MHI will position its three new presses as its key products, as presses that realize high-quality printing and quick delivery. The company will also conduct aggressive marketing activities focusing on high-grade printing – for example, multi-color capabilities and coating – and on the new models’ excellent suitability for package printing.

Major Specifications of the Three New Models

   Maximum printing speed:    16,200 sheets/hour
   Maximum sheet size:               1,050 mm × 750 mm (mm: millimeters)
   Minimum sheet size:                540 mm × 360 mm
   Sheet thickness range:            0.04 mm to 1.0 mm
   Maximum image area:            1,050 mm × 740 mm

     DIAMOND V3000LX     

   Maximum printing speed:           16,200 sheets/hour (straight printing)
                                              16,200 sheets/hour (perfecting)
   Maximum sheet size             1,050 mm × 750 mm
   Minimum sheet size:               540 mm × 360 mm(straight printing)
                                                  540 mm × 440 mm (perfecting)
   Sheet thickness range:           0.04 mm to 0.6 mm
   Maximum image area:            1,050 mm × 740 mm(straight printing)
                                               1,050 mm × 730 mm (perfecting)


        DIAMOND V3000R

   Maximum printing speed:     16,200 sheets/hour
   Maximum sheet size:            1,050 mm × 750 mm
   Minimum sheet size:               540 mm × 360 mm
   Sheet thickness range:           0.04 mm to 0.6 mm (0.2 mm to 0.8 mm)*
   Maximum image area:            1,050 mm × 740 mm
   * The DIAMOND V3000TP carton press is capable of printing on sheets with thicknesses ranging from 0.2 mm to 0.8 mm.

       DIAMOND V3000TP

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