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Inquiries about products

Use the Keyword Search or Product Category Search to view the product's page or to contact us directly with the Inquiry Form.

Keyword Search

Search by product name or model number. View the product information page displayed in the search results and contact the department in charge.


Product Category Search

Search for products in the below categories. View the product information page and contact the department in charge or contact us directly with the Inquiry Form.


Energy-related products, such as natural energy, thermal power, and nuclear energy.

  • Fossil Fuel Power Plant, Renewable Energy Power Plant, Nuclear Power Generation
  • Engine Power Plant, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
  • Oil and Gas Production Plants, Fuels Production


Aircraft products, such as commercial aircraft and aero engines.

  • Civil Aircraft, Helicopter
  • Civil Aeroengine


Space systems, such as H-IIA rocket and the products related to international space station program.

  • Launch Vehicle, Rocket Engines
  • Reaction Control System, Space Station
  • Rocket Launcher, Rocket Engine Combustion Test Facility

Ship & Ocean

Products related to shipbuilding and ocean development, such as tankers, cargo ships, passenger ships, and marine engines.

  • Ship, Various Automated Systems
  • Marine Engine, Marine Machinery
  • Offshore Engineering, Floating Facilities


Various systems for transportation, such as APMs (automated people movers) and ETC (Electric Toll Collection) system.

  • Automated People Mover, Rail Transit, Monorail
  • Maintenance Vehicle, Air Brakes
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Material Handling

Material handling systems, such as crane and forklift trucks.

  • Crane & Material Handling System
  • Folklift Trucks


Wide range of products related to environmental plants and equipment to prevent global warming and pollution.

  • Prevention of Global Warming and Air Pollution
  • SCR (DeNOx) System
  • Prevention of Marine Pollution


Vehicle-related products, such as turbochargers and machinery for motor vehicle industry.

  • Engine / Power Train
  • ITS, ETC
  • Production Equipment / System, Testing Equipment

Industrial Machinery

Products used in various industries, such as printing machinery, machine tools, chemical plants, and air-conditioning & refrigeration systems.

  • Chemical Plants, Rubber & Tire Machinery, Metals Machinery
  • Paper & Printing Machinery, Machine Tool, Injection Molding Machine
  • Compressors & Mechanical Turbines, Pumps, Laser Equipment, Robots
  • Particle Accelerator, Wind Tunnels / Test Equipment
  • Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems, Medical Equipment


Machinery and equipment for infrastructure building, such as construction machinery.

  • Construction Machinery, Tunnel Excavation Machinery, Vibration & Isolation System
  • Hydraulic Gate, Hydraulic Penstock
  • Desalination Plant

Living & Leisure

Products related to our living and leisure, such as air-conditioners and passenger ships.

  • Air-Conditioner, OLED Panel for Lighting Application
  • Cruise Ships, ROPAX
  • Stage Machinery Systems, Domes & Arenas


Products for national defense.

  • Special Vehicles
  • Ship, Defense Aircraft
  • Defense Aeroengine
  • Guided Weapon Systems


  • Transportation
  • Chemical Plants
  • CO2 Capture Plant

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