Work & Personnel

Work & Personnel

Engineering is a knowledge-based industry requiring knowledge and technologies in various specialized fields, including machinery engineering, electrical/electronic engineering, materials/metals, chemistry, and civil engineering, in order to meet customer requirements in terms of capabilities, costs, quality, and schedule.
Therefore, at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering, professionals from diverse fields perform their daily work in collaboration with one another.
Listed below are our main fields and feedback from employees who work in some of these fields.

  Field Major
Mechanical engineering Electrical/
Electronic engineering
Informatics Materials/
Chemistry Civil engineering/
Municipal Engineering Other science major Liberal arts
Business Investment Business Investment
Digitalization Digitalization              
New Business Development New Business Development
Engineering Process engineering                
Spatial (layout and piping) design            
Civil engineering/architectural design              
Equipment/machinery engineering              
Electrical/instrumentation engineering              
Signaling/communication engineering              
Procurement Procurement                
Construction Construction  
Project management
Cost control
Schedule control
Quality management  
Safety/health/environmental management
Sales Sales                
After-Sales Service, O&M(Operation & Maintenance) After-Sales Service, O&M(Operation & Maintenance)
Manufacturing Vehicle design/manufacturing  
Corporate Division Corporate planning/accounting and finance/human resources                

Please note that correspondences among fields and majors are only a guide; other cases are also possible.

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