Ideal Candidate Profile

Ideal Candidate Profile

Most valuable factor are "human"

Since our establishment in January 2018, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering, Ltd. (MHIENG) provide EPC(engineering, procurement, and construction) projects for chemical plants and transportation system etc. In addition, We are introducing new business model. "Human" is most important to proceed our business. We consider developing of human resource as our most valuable factor in our business.

MHIENG's "ABCs" of Ideal Employees

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group seeks "Active" personalities who are deeply committed and motivated to seeing projects through to the end; "Balanced" in their respect for - and the skill to appropriately incorporate - the views and opinions of others; and "Creative" in demonstrating flexible, independent and innovative thinking which produces new value. These three attributes are known collectively by the acronym "ABC," and the values which they represent have been inherited and preserved by MHIENG. We would like to illustrate, by way of example, why these ABC qualities are so important to the work that MHIENG undertakes.


Suppose a young MHIENG employee is chosen to head up a project and is dispatched to the work site to oversee operations. Such an appointment will require this young employee to take the initiative to address local problems and negotiate with the client on behalf of the project and the company as a whole. It is thus important that he or she feels acutely responsible for driving the project forward, no matter the difficulty; that he or she is independently motivated to address the various challenges faced by the project as if they were his or her own challenges; and that he or she has the leadership skills necessary to produce results from the project team.


MHIENG's engineering projects are undertaken by project teams comprised of experts representing every relevant area of specialized knowledge and skill, and they are carried out in conjunction with domestic and overseas clients and partners. It is therefore essential that the young employee in our example be someone who listens to input from those of different cultures, specializations and other backgrounds and who is then able to balance this input against his or her own well-formed opinions to find optimal solutions. It is no easy task to maintain an open mind and consider all input in order to arrive at the correct decision, but such balance is tremendously important to the success of projects.


The world is ever changing; likewise, client needs and project environments for MHIENG business change from moment to moment. The rate of this change continues to accelerate in an increasingly digital world, which is why flexible, outside-the-box thinking capable of identifying and addressing these changes via new business and value creation is so essential. I would expect young employees, in particular, to offer the unconventional perspectives and innovative ideas that will stimulate the development of business and the company as a whole.

Cultivating Human Resources Capable of Succeeding in the Global Arena

In order to cultivate personalities who can successfully perform their jobs anywhere in the world, MHIENG has developed and actively makes use of its own, distinctive training framework. One notable part of this framework, as it pertains to young employees, is the Overseas On-site Training Dispatch System. Under this system, new hires in their second or later years are dispatched to an overseas work site for up to six months where they are given project duties to oversee locally. The intent of this is to give new employees first-hand experience working as part of a team implementing a project on-site with clients, partners and local employees where they will come into contact with different cultures, values and working styles while finding solutions to unexpected incidents and problems. This not only cultivates a global mindset in new employees, it provides them with the sort of essential experience that can only be acquired through working in the field and which is widely applicable to their work back in Japan.
Since no two projects are the same and new approaches must be developed for each, new employees cannot rely solely on what they learned in school but will also need to cultivate a large amount of experience through their work at MHIENG. As such, we expect new employees to bring with them an attitude which is welcoming of numerous new challenges. For MHIENG, the chief battleground is overseas, and it is our ongoing desire to create opportunities for those with a consistently global focus and a passion for new challenges to realize their ambitions.
If such undertakings and ambitions resonate with you as someone who is always on the lookout for a new challenge, MHIENG would love to hear from you.