We appreciate your interest in our procurement.

We accept applications mainly for the following items.

【Chemical Plant Field】

Chemical plant-related items in general. An applicant, however, must satisfy the following conditions
Has abundant experience with overseas transactions.
Can dispatch supervisors (installation, adjustment operation) to the field for overseas projects.

【Transportation System Field】

DC power equipment (DC inverters, etc.)
Communication system integrators

【Transportation Equipment Field】

Equipment for Rolling Stock

Our requirement

  • Experience with material delivery for the above items to other companies.
  • Accreditation by international certification body.

    Accreditation such as ISO9001, ISO14001, etc.
    In some cases, other accreditation may be required for projects overseas.

  • Consent to comply with our transaction policy

    Procurement transaction policy (* CSR Procurement, etc.)
    Conclusion of a basic transaction contract (only Japanese applicant)
    Adoption of our systems, forms, and the like

Procurement Office

Contact: Procurement Strategic Planning & Administration Group, Procurement Department
Main Products:(Chemical Plant Field)Fertilizers, Methanol, CO₂ Recovery, Petrochemical,Seawater Desalination Plants, LNG Tanks, etc.
(Transportation System Field)Various systems for transportation.

Contact: Mihara Procurement Group, Procurement Department
Main Products:(Transportation Equipment Field) Equipment for Automated Guideway Transit, Air Brakes, etc.