Factory Tour Reminders

Precautions for visitors to the MRJ MUSEUM

Please make sure to read the reminders before you complete your reservation.

Precautions when making a reservation

Please make sure to read the reminders before you complete your reservation.

  1. Preschool children are, out of consideration for their safety, not admitted to the museum even if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    This facility is open to visitors of elementary school age and older. Elementary school children must be accompanied by an adult (at least 20 years of age).
  2. If you wish to revise or to cancel a reservation, please do so on "My Page" by5:00 p.m. two days before your visit. Please understand that we cannot return your admission fee if you change or cancel your visit after that time.
    You must pay your admission fee to the museum by credit card when you make your reservation.
    • For groups (20 or more people), we request that you pay the admission fee in cash on the day of the visit.
  3. If you make your reservation as a set with the Aichi Museum of Flight, you may visit the Aichi Museum of Flight on or after the day of visit to the MRJ MUSEUM.
  4. We do not accept group reservations from travel companies.
  5. To permit us to accommodate many visitors, we make the following requests.
    (a) Please limit the size of your group reservation to between 20 and 90 people.
    • Each guided tour is limited to 15 people, so if you request a tour for more than 15 people, we ask you to divide them into 15 person groups.
    (b) If you make multiple reservations, we may limit the number of reservations.
    (c) We do not accept multiple tentative reservations if you only intend to visit the MRJ MUSEUM once.
  6. For security reasons, we kindly ask you to register information necessary for admission to the museum. The registered information is managed and used in compliance with the "MHI Group's basic policy concerning information security and the protection of personal information."
    For details, see the web page: "MHI Group's basic policy concerning information security and the protection of personal information."
  7. We request that people who have difficulty walking or who use wheelchairs come accompanied by an assistant.
    Please understand that our facility staff cannot accept requests for special assistance. Please bring your own wheelchair.
    When a tour includes a wheelchair participant, the tour size will be limited to 7 people.
  8. Please understand that there may be cases where cancellations are made or the content of a tour changes depending on the circumstances at our factory even after your reservation has been accepted.
  9. We provide English language tours (once/day) and Japanese language tours. When you make your reservation be sure to correctly specify the language you desire.

Precautions when visiting the museum

Please understand the following points when visiting the MRJ MUSEUM.

  1. We request that all participants bring personal identification on the day of their visit.
    Guests without advanced registration including but not limited to name and passport number or residence card number,where applicable,will not be allowed into the museum.

    As personal identification, we request that every participant have a health insurance card, drivers license, or other document that allows us to confirm name and date of birth. Non-Japanese visitors are requested to bring the ID (passport, resident card, special permanent resident certificate) they entered when making their reservation.
    • Please understand that if you forget to bring personal identification so that we cannot confirm your identity, we will not admit you to the museum.
    • Disabled people are requested to bring the following handbooks.

    Physical disability handbook, Nursing handbook, mental disability health and welfare handbook.

    High-school and university students are requested to bring a document confirming they are students. (Student card, college registration card)
    • If a student forgets his/her ID or the student's age differs from that given when making his reservation, the difference in admission fee will be recalculated on the spot.
  2. If you make your reservation as a set with the Aichi Museum of Flight, on the day you visit the MRJ MUSEUM, please first come to the MRJ MUSEUM Check in Counter.
    At the MRJ MUSEUM Check-in Counter, you will be given a replacement ticket to the Aichi History of Flight Museum.
  3. The reception for a tour (admission procedure) starts 30 minutes before the tour begins.
    If you arrive before the reception begins, please wait until it does begin.
  4. If you do not come to the tour reception by the reception closing time, you may not be able to ride the shuttle bus to participate in the tour.
  5. Please come to the MRJ MUSEUM using public transportation.
  6. Parking areas are provided for sightseeing buses. Please understand that you may be unable to park your car since parking spaces are limited. If you require a parking space, please request it in advance.
  7. The tour facilities do not include a rest area or doctor's office for visitors.
  8. You can purchase MRJ souvenirs in the museum shop at the tour facilities.
  9. Smoking, eating, and drinking are prohibited during the tour. (You may bring in water bottles or PET bottles with lids.) There are no smoking areas in the tour facility.
  10. Intoxicated people will not be admitted.
  11. You cannot bring any large objects into the facility. Please leave them in a locker.
  12. We do not bear any responsibility for any accident or injury to a visitor which is the fault of the visitor.
  13. Depending on circumstances at the factory or because of the weather, it may be necessary to cancel or revise your tour.
  14. You may be asked to tour the museum with members of other groups. The formation of tour groups is decided based on the number of visitors included in each reservation.
  15. During your tour, please follow the guide's instructions. If you don't follow your guide's instructions, we may ask you to leave the tour.
  16. Please understand that, depending on the state of production, a fuselage may not be present in the factory.

Precautions concerning photography and video recordings

When participating in a tour, you may not carry or use binoculars or any electronic device capable of recording images or video such as a camera, a cell phone, etc. Please place these in a locker (free of charge) on the first floor of the museum. If you bring any of these objects in with you, the tour may be canceled.

You are permitted to take photos of the first floor entrance, so please comply with the following requests.

  1. Do not use any photos or videos you record in the facility for any commercial purpose.
  2. Please be considerate of the others and their rights when taking photos or videos.
  3. Depending on circumstances on the day of your tour, photos or video recordings may be prohibited. Please follow your guide's instructions.

Reminders for guests

Please check in for the tour at the MRJ Museum Check-In Counter on the 2nd floor of the “Aichi Museum of Flight” at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the tour.

Tour check-in will close 15 minutes before the tour begins. Guests who do not arrive by this time will be automatically canceled.

  • There is no check-in counter at the MRJ Museum. Please visit the 2nd floor of the "Aichi Museum of Flight" to check in for the tour.
  • The group will be proceeding to the Final MRJ Assembly Hangar on a shuttle bus. Guests may not directly visit the hangar.
  • Guests who are late for check-in will not be able to join the tour because the group will be moving to the hangar on a shuttle bus.
  • Please understand that there will be no refund for being late or absent.
  • Guests under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed to join the tour.

Flow of the tour

Tour flow and durationTour flow and duration
  • Guests of 30 people will be divided in to 2 groups of 15 people on weekends and holidays.
    Guests will arrive 10-20 minutes after the tour at the rotary of the "Aichi Museum of Flight".
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