SEMICON JAPAN (Dates: December 14 (Wed.) - 16 (Fri.), 2016)


December 14 - 16, 2016
Tokyo Japan Tokyo Big Sight
ORGANIZED BY:Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool will provide solutions of microfabrication by following four products.

  1. Micro Ablation Laser Machine ABLASER
    ABLASER will provide high quality machining of micro holes and grooves. It can be applied for the machining of Silicon wafers, SIC and glasses.
  2. Micro milling MachineµV1
    High quality smooth surface machining is realized by rigid and vibration-free spindle. Also, it can be applied to the machining of brittle materials such as ceramics and sapphire. We will exhibit a real machining by demo machine.
  3. Room Temperature Bonding Machine BOND MEISTER
    The Bond Meister will bond various materials such as those from the Silicon family, compound semiconductors, optical materials and metals. It can be applied WLP of MEMS, Engineered Substrates and 3D stacking.
    We will exhibit various bonding samples; especially bonding wafer samples thinned to five micrometers 300 millimeters wafer for 3D stacking.
  4. High Precision Positioning Scale MP Scale
    MP Scale (Mitsubishi Precision scale) is a high precision scale based on the principle of electromagnetic coupling. We have two types of scales The i.e. Linear type scale and Rotary type scale. Its features are high precision, high resolution, small space for installation and resistance to environment. We will exhibit the 'Absolute Linear scale for factory automation use'.
DATE & TIME December 14 (Wednesday) - 16 (Friday), 2016
VENUE Tokyo Japan Tokyo Big Sight Booth number: 2335
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ORGANIZED BY Semiconductor Equipment and
Materials International


Please enjoy Mitsubishi's high quality microfabrication solutions.

Kensuke Ide