HERAKLION 2019 (Dates: June 26(Wed.) - 29(Sat.), 2019)


June 26 - 29, 2019


The Conference aims to address the significant issue of sustainable solid waste management through the promotion of safe practices & effective technologies. The Conference focuses mainly on modern solid waste technologies. It aims to stimulate the interest of scientists and citizens and inform them about the latest developments in the field of municipal solid waste management.

Waste to Energy sector is looking continuously at the development and implementation of new solutions aimed to reduce CO2 emissions, improve its energy efficiency and lower environmental footprint.
The conversion to small/medium decentralized Energy from Waste plants represents an effective and profitable solution to hit the target of sustainability.

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) is the state-of-the-art technology that allows converting efficiently waste heat into electricity, showing major advantages over alternative technologies. Thanks to the use of organic working fluids, ORC systems result in simple power plants with no water consumption, extremely low operation and maintenance costs, high availability and simplicity of operation, where the automatic functioning does not require dedicated personnel neither in standard operating conditions nor in off-design conditions (partial loads, start-and-stop procedures etc.).

Also the Waste to Energy industry could benefit of this technology, considering its implementation in small / medium Energy from Waste plants.

The advantages offered by decentralized small/medium Energy from Waste ORC Turboden plants compared to big traditional ones: itallows to minimize logistics costs and it is the best options for remote locations, which are typically off-grid.

DATE June 26(Wednesday) - 29(Saturday), 2019
VENUE Heraklion
Crete Island, Greece

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