European Geothermal Congress 2019 (Dates: June 11(Tue.) - 14(Fri.), 2019)

European Geothermal Congress 2019

June 11 - 14, 2019
World Forum


The European Geothermal Congress is the event which brings together the entire European geothermal sector and attracts many from outside the continent. What makes the conference unique is both its diversity - it provides a varied public with a range of different events -, and its size - it is the largest geothermal congress in Europe.

Turboden is a technologic provider of geothermal ORC binary solutions, that stands among the pioneers of Organic Rankine Cycle Technology (ORC), being at the same time the European leader for geothermal application.

Currently there are about 380 Turboden ORC plants in 42 countries worldwide, featuring in-house designed turbines.

With a high flexibility of the technology, Turboden is the ideal player for the design and inistallation and maintenance of geothermal plants; main features are flexibility and technical innovation that allow integration with flash plants, reinjection, bottoming, island mode, cogeneration.

The Sustainability is also a strenghts of Turboden ORC binary plants (zero/lowCO2 emissions, water-free, demanding noise level)

DATE June 11(Tuesday) - 14(Friday), 2019
VENUE World Forum
The Hague, Netherlands

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