AISTech 2019 (Dates: May 6(Mon.) - 9(Thu.), 2019)

AISTech 2019

May 6 - 9, 2019
David L. Lawrence Convention Center


Turboden takes part in AISTech 2019, Pittsburgh, May 6-9. This event will feature technologies from all over the world that help steel producers to compete more effectively in today's global market. Ilaria Peretti, Sales & Business Development Manager for North America, delivers a speech on May 6th at 10 am, entitled "Energy Efficiency Gains With Heat Recovery and ORC in High-Performance EAFs".

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at this conference, we will deliver a presentation entitled "Energy efficiency gains with heat recovery and ORC in high performance EAFs.".

Recovering EAF off gas waste heat is a key to improve energy efficiency in electric steelmaking.

EAF heat recovery with evaporation cooling and steam production is more and more used. When steam exceeds direct heat demand, energy conversion to electricity with ORC is a proven solution.

Various heat recovery systems, mostly operating in Europe since 2013, demonstrate how ORC can improve EAF steelmaking energy efficiency and economics.

The largest of these plants, with a 7 MW electric power ORC, started up in 2018 at Arvedi Steel making the EAF based facilities in Cremona one of the most efficient steelplants worldwide.

DATE May 6(Monday) - 9(Thursday), 2019
VENUE David L. Lawrence Convention Center
Pittsburgh, United States

Ilaria Peretti will deliver a speech