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MHI to Launch 4 New Outdoor Units and 10 New Indoor Units in "Hyper Inverter" Series of Packaged Air Conditioners
-- All Offerings Meet New 2015 Energy Saving Standards --


Tokyo, December 15, 2014 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has developed 14 new models in its "Hyper Inverter" series of packaged air conditioners: 4 outdoor units and 10 ceiling suspended indoor units. All new models deliver outstanding efficiency complying with Japan's new 2015 energy saving standards1. 4 of the 10 new indoor units achieve one of the highest APF2 ratings in the industry3. All 14 new offerings are easier to install than current models thanks to significant reductions in both size and weight. Marketing of the new outdoor units in Japan will commence in mid-December; the new indoor units will launch in mid-January.

The new outdoor units4 feature APF values of 5.1 with the 8HP (horsepower) type and 4.8 with the 10HP type. Both types are 1,505 mm in height, 970mm in width and 370mm in depth and 165 kg in weight, making them some 40% smaller (in volume ratio) and 25% lighter than current offerings. To enable usage in more severe ambient temperatures, the air conditioners' performance has been enhanced by extending the permissible cooling range from 43°CDB (dry bulb temperature) to 50°CDB and extending the corresponding heating range from -15°CWB (wet bulb temperature) to -20°CWB.

All new outdoor units are provided with built-in renewal kits that enable use of existing refrigerant piping when the system equipment undergoes replacement. A choice of four refrigerant piping directions (front, side, down, rear) is possible and freedom of piping layout has been improved by bigger hole size than that of current models. Transport and transfer of the units has been easier by use of four handles (front, rear, left, right) located at the same level. Installation and service works have also been significantly improved through the addition of wire insertion holes for fall prevention and a transparent cover to protect the units against rain.

The 10 new indoor units are offered in a lineup from P40 (1.5HP) to P160 (6HP) type5. Through the adoption of high-performance DC (direct current) fan motors, etc., APF values are 5.6 with the P40 type, 5.3 with the P50, 5.4 with the P63 and 5.6 with the P112 - all among the top values in their respective classes. Dimensions have been trimmed by approximately 20% from current models (in volume ratio): the P50 and P56 type, which earlier featured a medium-size matrix, in the new models incorporate a small-scale matrix enabling dimensions of 210mm in height, 1,070mm in width and 690mm in depth. In the six models ranging from P63 to P160, weight has been reduced by more than 10% by reducing the number of blower motors from two to one.

As an option, indoor units can be equipped with an automatic up-and-down front panel for lowering the filter for easy cleaning. The panel's up-and-down range has been substantially extended from 1.6m to 4m. This added convenience makes it possible to clean the units' filter installed in high ceilings.

Going forward, MHI will continue to seek expansion of its operations in air-conditioning systems through focused development of products featuring outstanding operability and energy savings in line with today’s expanding market demands.

* Notes:
1. The new standards set targets in nine categories for residential air conditioners and 16 categories for industrial-use air-conditioning systems, according to capacity and unit type.
2. Annual performance factor: an indicator of performance calculated by dividing the total capacity necessary to cool and heat for an entire year by the amount of energy consumed by the cooling/heating system. The higher the APF value, the higher is the level of energy efficiency.
3. Industry comparisons are based on data research by MHI valid as of November 2014.
4. Two standard models (8HP and 10HP) and two corrosion protection treatment models (8HP and 10HP).
5. Capacity table of indoor units
Type HP (horse power)
P40 1.5
P45 1.8
P50 2
P56 2.3
P63 2.5
P71 2.8
P80 3
P112 4
P140 5
P160 6

ceiling suspended indoor unit FDEVXPP50P

outdoor unit FDCV(S)P2244H