MHI 打上げ輸送サービス: H-IIA 44号機 カウントダウンレポート





これで、H-IIAロケット44号機による準天頂衛星初号機後継機の打上げ カウントダウン・レポートを終了します。ありがとうございました。
We would like to end the today's H-IIA F44 launch countdown report. Thank you very much.

The separation of “QZS-1R”, the replacement for QZS-1 has been confirmed.

リフトオフ! 本当に美しい打上げになりました。
Lift off ! It was really beautiful launch !


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has launched the H-IIA Launch Vehicle No.44 carrying “QZS-1R”, the replacement for QZS-1 at 11:19:37 on Oct. 26, 2021 JST from the Tanegashima Space Center.

三菱重工は、準天頂衛星初号機後継機を搭載したH-IIAロケット44号機を、2021年10月26日11時19分37秒に 種子島宇宙センターから打上げました。

It is 4 minutes and 40 seconds before liftoff. The automatic countdown sequence has started.

It is 30 minutes before launch.

The weather condition is good for the launch.



Watch the launch live stream of the H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 44.
Broadcast Time: 11:00 a.m. ~ (plan)
Launch Time: 11:19:37a.m.(JST)

It is 60 minutes before launch.The final countdown operation has started.

打上げ時刻60分前の最終カウントダウン作業に “Go” の指令がかかりました。
The green light has been given to the X-60 minutes terminal countdown operation.

The second attitude control system flight slew test has been completed.

The radio frequency system between H-IIA F44 and the ground stations has been checked up.

The terminal countdown operation is proceeding smoothly as planned.


第1段・第2段 各機体の、液体水素・液体酸素 各タンクが100%充てんされたことを確認しました。
It has been confirmed that the first- and second-stage liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen tanks are fully loaded.


By running programs of the guidance and control system mounted on H-IIA, it has been confirmed that all devices for flight attitude control are working as expected.

Terminal countdown operation ongoing.


Access will now be restricted within a radius of 3,000 meters from the launch pad.

Terminal countdown operation has started.

We now have gotten a go-ahead for loading the propellants, such as liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen, into the launch vehicle. Propellants loading preparations are going to start.

Second Go/No Go Decision - ‘Go’ :Final checks have been made for operational conditions of the launch vehicle, satellites, launch facilities, and tracking and control systems, as well as weather conditions.

第2回Go/No Go判断:ロケット、衛星、射場設備、追跡管制網等 各系の作業状況および気象状況等の確認を行いました。その結果、液体酸素・液体水素等の燃料をロケットに充てんする作業への着手が許可されました。これから燃料充てんの準備作業に移ります。

Arrived at the launch pad.


H-IIA F44 has arrived at the launch pad. The launch vehicle is going to be connected to the pad facilities.

H-IIA F44 carrying “QZS-1R”, the replacement for QZS-1 has left for the launch pad. H-IIA F44, mounted on the mobile launcher, will travel approximately 500 meters from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch pad. This will take about 30 minutes.


Decision for the launch vehicle roll-out - ‘Go’ : After the weather assessment, the green light has been given for H-IIA F44 carrying “QZS-1R”, to leave the Vehicle Assembly Building for the launch pad. The scheduled launch time is Oct. 26, 2021 11:19:37 JST.

天候判断の結果、準天頂衛星初号機後継機を搭載したH-IIAロケット44号機を組立棟から打上げ射点へ移動させる作業に、 “Go” の指令がかかりました。打上げ予定時刻は、10月26日11時19分37 秒(日本標準時)です。

This is an updated launch countdown report on the “QZS-1R”, the replacement for QZS-1 which will be launched using the H-IIA No. 44 Launch Vehicle (H-IIA F44).

これより、H-IIAロケット44号機による準天頂衛星初号機後継機の打上げ カウントダウン・レポートを速報でお伝えします。

The updated launch date and time for H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 44 is Oct. 26, 2021 at 11:19:37 (Japan Standard Time JST).

H-IIAロケット44号機の打上げ日時について、2021年10月26日(火)11時19分37秒(日本標準時) に決定しました。