Change in Directors and Officers


June 30, 2021
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation announces change in Directors and Officers effective June 30, 2021 as approved at its General Meeting of Shareholders.

1. Change in Directors

Date New Current Name
June 30, 2021 Retiring Chairman Hiroaki Osaki
June 30, 2021 Retiring Director Yasuyuki Yamane
June 30, 2021 Retiring Director Yasuhiro Kawashima

2. Directors and Officers

Title Name
President & CEO
(Representative Director)
Satoshi Hoshi
Managing Director and
General Manager of Engineering & Design Division
Masayuki Kita
Director (part-time)
Senior Vice President and
Vice President of Energy Systems,
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Hiroshi Matsuda
Director (part-time)
Senior Manager, Legal & General Affairs Department,
Senior Manager, Human Resources and Labor Relations Department, and
Senior Manager, Hiroshima Machinery Works,
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Tadaaki Sasaki
Statutory Auditor Akifumi Kaji
Statutory Auditor(part-time)
Manager, Administration Group,
Financial Management Department, No. 1,
Financial Planning Division,
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Atsushi Murakami
Senior Vice President and
General Manager of Customer Service Division
Yasuhiro Fujita