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Value Up

About Value Up

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation (MCO) is providing various technical proposals named as “Reliability-up technology (R-up)” for compressors and drive steam turbines to improve customer’s plant operation and maintenance capabilities aiming long-term and stable plant operation. Now , the new name “Value Up” has been changed in lieu of the former “R-up” in order to make it easier for customer to understand.

In our “Value Up” program, we are offering diversified technologies such as, technologies to improve machine efficiency, countermeasures against aged deterioration of internal parts of components with the aim of increasing the value of customer plants. We would like to provide several “Value Up” proposals which may generally be applicable for the customers existing plants.

If you have any interest about the details of these publication items and other parts, please contact us through inquiry form. We would like to propose our best suitable solutions to meet your needs.