Ethylene / PDH Plant


Ethylene, which is derived from natural gas or naphtha, is a raw material used in petroleum chemistry. Ethylene is used to make essential end‐products such as plastic grocery bags and chemical fibers, to name a few.

Ethylene plant compressors

These compressors generate high horsepower and are the largest compressors produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation. This type of single-shaft, multi-stage compressors forms the heart of a petrochemical plant. Compressors for ethylene plants are ordinarily a compressor train of one of three types: compressors for charge gas, for ethylene gas, or for propylene gas. (These multiple compressors are connected to a steam turbine which drives them.)
Ethylene plant compressors

Ethylene plant steam turbines

The scale of ethylene plants has continued to grow in recent years, and MCO is developing steam turbines with larger capacities in order to meet the needs of these larger plants.
The photo at rightbelow shows the shop test of Charge gas compressor train for an ethylene plant producing 1.5 million tons per year. When used as a mechanical drive turbine, the steam turbine provides a maximum output of 95 MW within MCO.
In order to meet the needs of further plant growth in the future, MCO has installed shop test facilities for ethylene plant compressor trains in the 2 million tons/year class.
MCO has completed technical development that includes (1) development of casings for large capacities, high temperatures, and high pressures, and (2) development of large-capacity and high-load blades, and we are planning to apply these developments to commercial steam turbines in the future.
Ethylene plant steam turbine


PDH plant

Product gas compressor
Propylene Refrigerant compressor train