Pipeline / Gas strage

Pipeline compressors are installed for the purpose of efficiently pumping natural gas from the wellhead to a power plant or to the location of consumption area in a major city.
At a pipeline of approximately 3,000 km delivered by our company in South America, 10 – 20 unmanned compressor stations are installed every 200 km. The compressors used for this purpose must be highly reliable with no malfunctions, and provide a broad operating range that can flexibly adapt to changes that occur with different seasons and different times of day.

Gas pipeline compressor

This compressor is used to transport gas at a pipeline station in Russia. Because the required pressure varies until the gas arrives at the final destination, approximately 50 compressors were delivered, in order to meet the capacity required by each station.


  1. High-efficiency, three-dimensional impeller: Boosts efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions.
  2. Dry gas seal: Improves maintainability.
  3. Swirl canceller and overhang damper: Improve stability during long-term continuous operation.
Gas pipeline compressors

Pipeline compressors and gas turbines driver

Because pipeline compressors also use the transported gas as fuel, they often use gas turbines as the drive equipment.
As shown in Table 1, a series of MCO compressors are available for use with 4 – 25 MW gas turbines drivers.
Gas pipeline compressors
Table 1 Standard specifications of pipeline compressors
Compressor model 3V 4V 5V 7V
Operation Maximum speed(rpm) 14000 10000 9000 7100
Compatible gas turbine force(MW) 4.0 6.3/10 12 16/25