Super High Pressure Compressor

Super high pressure compressor proven to 700 bar using CO2

Concepts and Enhanced technologies

The MCO’s super high pressure compressor has the improved efficiency, stability and operating range with compact body. The application is targeted for CO2 / Natural gas / N2 EOR, CCS, Oil & Gas plants and offshore equipment.

Concepts and Enhanced technologies

Technical Article

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Shop demonstration

The demonstration under actual conditions was conducted successfully in our Hiroshima shop in 2013. It confirmed this robust mechanical and aero performance, and consequently we received the first order of the 550 bar class compressors.

Process Conditions
(to optimize current operation conditions)

Test Gas CO2, Natural gas, N2
Disch. Pressure Up to 700 bar
(# 10,000)
Test speed Up to 13,000 rpm (MCR)
Process Conditions
Process Conditions