Gas to Liquid (GTL)

Gas to Liquid, or GTL, refers to the liquid fuel that is produced from natural gas.

GTL plant steam turbines

GTL plant are constructed to the natural gas wellheads. In recent years, the GTL process, which directly changes natural gas into liquid fuel, has attracted global attention. The steam turbine which drive the compressors used in this process require large outputs exceeding 70MW, and the flow at the low pressure sections is greater than 500 tons/hr.

In order to meet these requirements, MCO began developing blade cascades for use at variable speeds, high loads, and low pressures.
The most recent aerodynamic design and strength analysis methods were used to successfully develop a low-pressure blade cascade capable of withstanding low-pressure flows of 900 tons/hr.

The vibration resistance strength of the developed blade cascade was verified by rotational vibration tests, and 1/4 scale model turbines were produced for use in actual load tests, which Verified that there were no problems with the performance and strength. In the future, MCO is planning to apply these new blade cascades to large-size GTL plants.
t_gtl1.jpg GLT plant steam turbine