The 1,000th of MAC was shipped.


The total shipping number of Mitsubishi Advanced Compressor (MAC) reached 1,000 units in March 2011.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.(MHI) originally began manufacturing of centrifugal compressor in 1917.
As a new high efficiency model of MHI centrifugal compressor, MAC was developed and produced since 1986, and the first unit was shipped in the following year 1987.
MAC increased its shipment number mainly for petrochemical plants.
The total shipping number reached 500 units in 2005, and after 6 years which is the 25th year of MAC production, 1,000 units had been achieved.


The 1,000th of MAC was shipped.
The CO2 Compressor train loaded with the 1,000th of MAC  ( for FPSO in Brazil)