Small, Medium Mitsubishi diesel engine for electric generator manufacturers in India

MVDE off-highway diesel engines Genset are always ready to fulfil your power needs. Whether you need to keep your home illuminated or keep your project running, we've power solutions for all. MVDE diesel engines are crafted using cutting-edge technology for reliable performance & long operation.

Diesel Generators powered by Mitsubishi Diesel Engines are capable of delivering maximum power while being as quiet as possible and ensuring an uninterrupted power supply. With diesel engines ranging from 15.1KW to 32KW, MVDE's diesel engines for power generation can be paired with marine generators, industrial generators, commercial generators, and many more. 

MVDE's integrated diesel engine genset ensures progress with minimum fluctuations. Their proven durability & precise power output makes them the best backup power source ever. 

Engine Model MVL3E MVS4L2-T
Type 4-Cycle Water-cooled Diesel Engine
Aspiration Natural Aspirated Turbocharged
Number of Cylinders 3 4
Bore and Stroke (mm) 76 X 70 78 X 92
Displacement (cc) 952 1758
Combustion system Swirl Chamber
Rated output in kW 15.1 32
Rated Speed (rpm) 3000 3000
  • Above are CPCB II approved 50Hz ratings for domestic/ Indian market
    In addition, we offer 60Hz ratings for export markets. Please contact us for more information.

Clientele PO

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