Mitsubishi Ship, Boat, Marine Diesel Engine manufacturers In India for high performance

Not only in land, MITSUBISHI DIESEL ENGINES are the favorite of voyagers. Every year, thousands of engines supplied to Europe – one of the largest markets for recreational boats. In addition, we offer for Marine Diesel Generators & for Fishing vessels in Domestic Market.

Engine Model MVL2E MVL3E MVS3L2 MVS4L2
Type 4-Cycle Water-cooled Diesel Engine
Aspiration Natural Aspirated
Number of Cylinders 2 3 3 4
Bore and Stroke (mm) 76 X 70 78 X 92
Displacement (cc) 635 952 1318 1758
Combustion system Swirl Chamber
Rated output in kW 11.8 20 23.1 30.9
Rated Speed (RPM) 3600 3600 3000 3000

All spec & ratings are subject to change without prior notice