Not only in land, MITSUBISHI DIESEL ENGINES are the favorite of voyagers. Every year, thousands of engines supplied to Europe – one of the largest market for recreational boats. In addition, we offer for Marine Diesel Generators & for Fishing vessels in Domestic Market.

Diesel marine engine
Engine Model MVL2E MVL3E MVS3L2 MVS4L2
Type 4-Cycle Water-cooled Diesel Engine
Aspiration Natural Aspirated
Number of Cylinders 2 3 3 4
Bore and Stroke (mm) 76 X 70 78 X 92
Displacement (cc) 635 952 1318 1758
Combustion system Swirl Chamber
Rated output in kW 11.8 20 23.1 30.9
Rated Speed (RPM) 3600 3600 3000 3000

All spec & ratings are subject to change without prior notice