Type 4-Cycle water-cooled diesel engine
Aspiration Natural-Aspriated
Number of Cylinder 3
Bore and Stroke (mm) 76×70
Displacement (cc) 952
Combustion System Swirl chamber
Maximum gross output (kW/rpm) 17.0/3600
Fuel/Fuel System Diesel fuel(ASTM No.2-D)/in-line type(PFR)
Charging alternator (V-A) 12-40
Starting system (V-kW) 12-1.7
Engine oil capacity (l) 3.6
Dry weight (kg) 97
Flywheel SAE#6.5
Flywheel Housing SAE #5

MVL3E is a 3-cylinder diesel engine capable of producing a maximum gross output of 17kW at 3600 RPM. With a displacement of 952cc, this engine finds its application in power generators, marine sectors, light towers, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery

MVL3E’s ability to deliver stable and reliable output makes it an ideal diesel engine for power generation. Its consistent supply of mechanical energy ensures that the genset runs smoothly without interruptions. 

As a marine diesel engine, it enables craft movements with ease against the most turbulent of waters. 

When it comes to light towers, MVL3E ensures your construction sites remain well-lit 24X7. Along with this, the engine finds its usage in the construction industry as well as in agricultural machinery. 

Performance Curve
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