Press Release: Oct 5, 2020


Diamond WTG Engineering & Services, Inc. Performs End of Warranty Inspections on GE 2.5 MW in Ohio

End of warranty inspections underscores Diamond as a trusted Independent Service Provider supporting all brands of wind turbines across the nation.

(Portland, OR – July 24, 2020) In July 2020, the inspection teams completed over 40 End of Warranty Inspections on a GE 2.5 MW Platform in Ohio.

We are proud that Diamond has been selected to perform the end of warranty inspections. Their decision reflects the quality of our technicians, our knowledge of wind turbines, and the trust the customer has in our wind turbine inspection capabilities.

Diamond’s inspection of over 100 MW wind project underscores Diamond’s role as a top tier Independent Service Provider (“ISP”) for multiple turbine brands. As part of the Mitsubishi family, Diamond brings to customers a unique combination of industry experience, service offerings, and engineering capability.

The outbreak of Covid-19 was an unexpected element enforcing the companies and US State recommendations to implement strict safety measures and adapt strict site management to be able to complete the job safely and unaffected. Diamond was able to comply with all requirements and execute safely.

Mr. Tallman continued, “Diamond will continue to expand its ISP business by offering services for multiple brands of wind turbines.”

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About Diamond WTG Engineering & Services, Inc.

Diamond WTG Engineering & Services, Inc. is headquartered in Portland, OR and has a Logistics and Operations Center in Snyder, TX and blade facility in Santa Teresa, NM. Diamond provides maintenance services, engineering support and wind turbine parts. As a service-oriented company, Diamond provides high quality and competitive solutions for wind turbine owners, as well as independent assessments for new prospective owners. Diamond provides trained personnel and innovative service solutions empowering asset owners to increase reliability and availability of their wind assets while keeping their operating costs under control.

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