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Exhibits & Facilities : 2nd Floor

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  1. 1:LAND Zone
  2. 2:Virtual Tour Station
  3. 3:Science Plaza
  4. 4:Hands-on Corner
  5. 5:Tomorrow Screen
  6. Study Room
  7. Event Square
  1. 1 LAND Zone
    「Find out more about energy diversity!
    We harness the earth’s resources to obtain the energy we need to power our rich, modern-day lifestyles.
    Learn about different ways of generating power, the latest technologies involved, and energy situations around the world, through images, actual equipment and model displays.
    Come and find out more about energy diversity and think about the ideal energy balance.
    • History of energy
      Watch an animated film on “The Relationship Between Humans and Energy” inside a unique theater, designed to look like a rotor blade used to generate energy.
    • Wind turbine’s blade
      The exhibit features part of an actual 2,400 kilowatt wind turbine's blade, with a diameter of 92 meters. See the blade up close and touch it for yourself while you learn about the mechanisms and technology behind wind power.
    • World Diver Vision
      Experience the cutting edge and raw power of energy creation around the world, brought to life with a real sense of scale thanks to our 14-meter screen.
  2. 2 Virtual Tour Station
    Virtual Tour Station (Reservation on the day)
    - A dimension different from anything you have ever experienced –
    A VR Theater composed of a huge cylindrical screen with a radius of 7m and an overall width of 15m. Experience cool videos as if you were in them.
    Enjoy content related to a variety of sciences and technologies including LAND, SEA, SKY, SPACE.
  3. 3 Science Plaza

    This hands-on science space uses gesture-operated displays to teach scientific principles and offers a variety of fun activities, including science shows and other events, as well as opportunities to build and create. You can even relax on a sofa and read books about science and technology.

  4. 4 Hands-on Corner

    In this corner you can perform experiments to enjoy the principles of science.

  5. 5 Tomorrow Screen

    This digital interactive experience turns your silhouette into a vehicle of the future.