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  1. 1:LAND Zone
  2. 2:Virtual Tour Station
  3. 3:Online only ”MHI Studio”
  4. Secretariat
  5. 4:Online only "MM Delivery booth"
  1. 1 LAND Zone
    Toward the realization of a sustainable society
    Regarding the MHI Group’s efforts to move from a low-carbon society to a decarbonized society, we will approach the latest technologies and solutions from the fields of electricity, transportation, logistics, and cooling and heating.
    • Wind-power generation
      A part of the blade of a 2,400 kilowatt windmill with a diameter of 92 meters is on display. This section introduces the structure and technology of offshore wind turbines built on the sea as wind power generation becomes larger.
    • Thermal power generation
      We will introduce a thermal power generation system that uses natural gas and coal as fuel to operate a turbine to generate electricity, and technologies to efficiently use fuel to generate electricity.
    • Touch Wall
      A 9-meter touch wall that starts moving when you touch the picture on the wall. Through the introduction of each category of electricity, transportation, logistics, and cooling and cooling, we will make it easier to understand the structure of social infrastructure and environmental issues.
    • Principle of power generation
      Move the principle model to learn the principles of turbines and motors from Fleming’s law.
  2. 2 Virtual Tour Station
    Virtual Tour Station (Reservation on the day)
    - A dimension different from anything you have ever experienced –
    A VR Theater composed of a huge cylindrical screen with a radius of 7m and an overall width of 15m. Experience cool videos as if you were in them.
    Enjoy content related to a variety of sciences and technologies including LAND, SEA, SKY, SPACE.
  3. 3 Online only "MHI Studio"

    Online only Studio 1

  4. 4 Online only "MM Delivery booth"

    Online only Studio 2

  5. 5 Secretariat