Applications for school groups

Admission Fees, Application Process and Other Information

  • Visitors on field trips (including class trips, excursions and classes for integrated study, etc.) from elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, technical colleges, special needs schools and universities will be admitted to the museum free of charge if their teachers or travel agents make reservations by three days before the visit.
  • As visitors must pay the regular admission fees unless they make their reservations at least three days in advance, be sure to make your reservation in time (Regular admission: 500 yen for adults, 300 yen for junior and senior high school students, 200 yen for elementary school students).
  • Students visiting the museum as a group need to present identification, such as their student handbooks or name cards, to confirm their school's name.
  • As free admission is provided to teachers making preliminary inspections, teachers are welcome to visit without making a reservation.

Bus Parking

  • Parking space is available for up to 3 motor coaches.
  • The parking space can be used free of charge during the time of the group's visit. As reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, we recommend that you make your reservation as soon as you know the schedule for your visit.
  • Please note that parking space reservations cannot be accepted for those planning to tour the museum only if it rains, or those visiting as a group after arriving separately.

Please make applications or inquiries in Japanese.