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  1. 1:SKY & SPACE Zone
  2. 2:SEA Zone
  4. 4:Special Exhibition
  5. History of Vehicles
  6. Entrance
  7. URAWA REDS Corner
  1. 1 SKY & SPACE Zone
    Aiming for heights beyond the skies we used to dream of.
    Inspired by dreams to reach the skies, various technologies have been created through the development of rockets. These technologies are introduced with an emphasis on ease of understanding through explanations of the mechanisms involved and historical descriptions using hands-on displays and other installations.
    • Frontier Theater
      The future of aerospace development technologies is explained with the use of dynamic visuals.
    • Rocket Engine Factory
      An actual LE-7A engine, used in the H-IIA and H-IIB rockets, and the predecessor LE-7 engine, are both on display. Visitors can identify the evolution of engine technologies by comparing the two engines.
  2. 2 SEA Zone
    Let's Go to the Deep-sea World!
    The ocean has enormous potential for resource and energy development. Ocean development is a key issue for an island country like Japan.
    Exhibits introduce the latest technologies, surveys and research via simulators, touch screens and other features such as Full-size Disassembled Mockup of SHINKAI 6500, a manned submersible research vessel.
    • SHINKAI 6500 Full-size Disassembled Mockup
      The SHINKAI 6500 is one of the world's most advanced deep sea submersible research vessels. It can dive to a depth of 6,500 meters, which means that almost 98% of the world's ocean floors can now be studied. This Full-size Disassembled Mockup will incorporate reproductions of both the outside and inside of the vessel. The vessel's manipulator, pressure-resistant shell, buoyancy materials, and other equipment and components will be introduced in detail using actual items, scale models and video presentations. Visitors will have a close-up look into the cockpit protected by its spherical pressure-resistant shell.
      Visitors can get on board a futuristic deep-sea research vessel and take on the challenge of the deepest seas.
    • Let's Make a Sea Mechanimal! / Shinkai Theater
      “Let's Make a Sea Mechanimal!” enables visitors to create their own Sea Mechanimals, which are then displayed on a screen.
      The same screen will also shows “Shinkai Theater”. It will introduce the whole process from when the SHINKAI 6500 dives underwater to when it resurfaces again.
    • CHIKYU – Deep Sea Drilling Vessel
      Using the latest in deep see drilling technology, the CHIKYU project continues to probe the deep interior of the earth. This exhibit introduces details such as its drilling mechanisms and the interior of the vessel.
    Experience the story of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group from its origin to its future!
    At this gate welcomes, visitors receive a warm welcome from the museum's mascot Techno-kun.
    The Future Stream section of the exhibition offers fun contents about MHI Group's past, present and future.
    In the Yokohama and MHI Group sections, you will learn about the history of the Minatomirai district and MHI, and in the Technology & Products section, you will learn about product models and see panel exhibitions of MHI Group products and technologies across land, sea, sky, and space.
  4. 4 Special Exhibition
    Pioneer!!! Mitsubishi History Lab & Mirai Forecast Diagram Exhibition -Let's learn about the history of the Mitsubishi Group and see our future-
    In 2020, the Mitsubishi Group celebrated its 150th anniversary. In this special exhibition, we will explore the roots of the Mitsubishi Group!! The exhibition consists of two parts: the "Mitsubishi History Lab" and the "Mirai Projection Map" that looks ahead to our new future. Let's take a look at the history of the Mitsubishi Group and what the future holds for 20XX.