Training Courses

NTC provides various training courses to meet the needs of all operators from beginners to experienced veterans according to their experiences and objectives, and constantly improves its programs and facilities to meet them.

Each course is prepared taking into account the experience and objectives of the trainee.
Initial Course Course designed for trainees who become reactor operators.
Continuing Courses Regular Operator Course Continuing training designed to improve knowledge and operational skill in accordance with trainee's level of experience.
Senior Reactor Operator Course
Supervisor Course
Shift Manager Course IV
Severe Accident Training Course for Shift Manager
Course for requalification of Shift Manager
Shift Manager Operating Test Course
Severe Accident Training Course for Shift Manager
Course designed for candidates of Shift Manager

Shift team Course Designed to enhance teamwork and cultivate leadership in shift team leaders
Participation by all members of the team(Shift Team Manager, Shift Team Assistant Manager, Senior Reactor Operator, Reactor Operator, Turbine Generator Operators, Field Operators)