Facilities Guide

NTC has residential and recreational facilities for the trainees to provide comfortable lodging, mind and body relaxation, and social activities.

  • Residential facilities
    Residential facilities
    NTC has 52 spacious rooms with a simple, comfortable design.
  • Bath
    The large Japanese-style bath for relaxing after training.
  • Cafeteria
    The cafeteria has a bright, open design with a view of Mt. Nosaka.
    The menu is varied and emphasizes "home-cooked" cuisine that is designed to appeal to trainees who stay for an extended period of time.
  • Library
    NTC library contains approximately 10,000 technical books and magazines, primarily on energy-related topics ranging from the natural sciences to social sciences, as well as new publications.
  • Trainee lounges
    Trainee lounges
    There are lounges on each floor of the residence to encourage trainee communication and interaction.
  • Gymnasium
    NTC has a gymnasium with an aerobics studio, table-tennis table and other facilities for trainees to get adequate exercise, particularly during the winter.
  • Tennis courts
    Tennis courts
    Tennis courts
  • Softball field
    Softball field
    Softball field