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Toward safe and reliable nuclear power plant operation 安全・安心をめざして

Nuclear Power Training Center Ltd. (NTC) trains the nuclear power plant operators of pressurized water reactors (PWR) in Japan, and the training is conducted very practically to use the simulators that simulate the nuclear power plant dynamics through the use of computers. NTC was established in 1972, and after two years of preparations, actual training began in 1974. NTC has trained many operators over the course of its long history. The operators trained at NTC work in the main control room of every PWR power plant. And in Japan, the nuclear power plants are operated under the control of licensed shift managers. NTC also carries out qualification examinations for shift managers on behalf of electric power companies.


Jun, 1972 Establishment
Apr, 1974 Training with the initial simulator began.
Dec, 1980 Operating test for the shift manager license began.
Mar, 1984 Training with the No. 2 simulator began.
Mar, 1990 Training with the No. 3 simulator began.
Mar, 1997 Training with the No. 1 simulator began.
Mar, 2002 Shift manager qualification examinations began.
Nov, 2008 Training with the No. 4 simulator began.



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