Quality Policy

As the President and CEO of the Company, I hereby declare that, so that our nuclear related organizations will achieve their business objectives, we establish following Quality Policy based on our Company Creed, and construct, implement and maintain the Quality Management System and continuously improve its effectiveness.

  1. We promote engineering activities by giving the top priority to nuclear safety. For this purpose, we ensure that not only ourselves but all relevant persons i) understand the importance of nuclear safety; ii) strictly observe applicable laws, regulations, codes and standards; and iii) behave in accordance with engineer’s ethics, to properly conduct our operations.
  2. We construct a globally acceptable Quality Management System and continuously improve our business processes to deliver high quality products which satisfy customers’ requirements.
  3. By securing and nurturing human resources having the nuclear safety at the front of their mind, we maintain and strengthen engineering foundation required for an integrated engineering firm covering basic plan, basic design and detailed design of nuclear related equipment and facilities.

We establish quality objectives in accordance with the above Policy and i) implement it within the Company organizations; ii) promote related activities and iii) conduct self-assessment of the outcome thereof.