Reactor Control and Safety Design

Secure and rational nuclear plant systems are constructed by detailed safetyverification based on behavior analysis during accidents or abnormal conditions in nuclear facilities, as well as quantitative evaluation of the degree of risk and reliability of the plants, and more over, contribution of the determination of design selection and operating procedures. In addition, the safety of the public and operating personnel is ensured by analysis and evaluation forradiation protection.

Behavior analysis and evaluation of control and safety during accidents and abnormal conditions of nuclear power plants

  • Analysis and evaluation of events or accidents
  • Development and maintenance of dynamic property analysis codes of the plants
  • Various accident simulation, three-dimensional flow analysis and control system set point analysis
  • Development of advection and diffusion codes of radioactive materials during accidents

Radiation Safety Analysis and its' Applied Technology

  • Radiation shielding analysis and environmental exposure evaluation
  • Neutron and gamma-ray transport calculations, Monte Carlo calculations
  • Evaluation of radiation sources, migration behavior analysis of fissile material Monte Carlo burnup calculations
Analysis Example of a Spatial distribution of the radiation

Evaluation Technology of Fuel Reprocessing, Treatment and Disposal of Radioactive Waste

  • Safety evaluation related to geological disposal, Facilities planning
  • Geochemical analysis
  • Groundwater solutes transport analysis
  • Earthquake liquefaction analysis, wave propagation analysis