Plant Design for System, Air Conditioning, Electrical/Instrumentation and Control and Layout

Considering both the conformance with various requirements relating to the safety of the nuclear facilities and the improvement of various plant performances (operability, maintenance, and economy, etc.) the basic plans regarding plant major systems, and conceptual layouts are determined. Furthermore, the general designs regarding systems, layouts, structures, electrical instrumentation, etc. are determined. And finally, the designs for fundamental skeleton of the plant are achieved. Therefore, advanced know-how is required for integration and adjustment of all requirements from various design sections. These total harmonized engineering includes the follow fields.

System Designs (Nuclear Steam Supply Systems (NSSS), Balance Of Plants, etc.

Basic design specifications of plant systems regarding plant performance, safety, and operability are determined. Design documents, which will be the bases of relevant plant design fields, are developed. Those include the piping and instrument diagram, the design specifications for components, piping, instruments and interlocks diagrams and the classification of safety-related components, etc.

Air Conditioning Designs

Documents related to the basic specifications, system diagrams, component specifications, etc. are prepared in consideration of heat generation of components and exposure reduction during normal operation and accidents, and also AE designs, such as duct route planning are performed.

Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Facility Designs (Reactor Instrumentation System, Control and Protection Systems, Human-System Interface System, Electrical Systems, etc.)

The basic specifications related to electrical, instrumentation & control system of the plant are specified. Specifications and design drawings of plant control and monitoring system, reactor protection system, safety monitoring system, human-system interface system and electrical system, which are the bases of each system design, are prepared.

Layout Designs (Plot Plans, Equipment Layout Designs, Piping, Ducts, Tray Route Designs, Construction Adjustment Designs)

The relationship among the drilling configurations, the positions of intakes or drains and the secondary building, considered the terrain and landscapes of the site, is summarized as plot plans. Afterwards, component layouts are specified in consideration of the safety measures of system designs, shielding and aseismic, fire protection, etc. Then, the networks of piping, ducts and trays among each component are summarized in coordination with the system, air-conditioning and electrical instrumentation design departments.

Bird's eye view of ATMEA1
Bird's eye view of ATMEA1
Advanced Main Control Board V & V Facilities