Applied technology and information processing

Our expertise developed in nuclear power is applied to research and development of safety and reliability improvement of the other industries, including aerospace, and we have achieved high reputation.

Reliability Evaluation of Shinkansen and Rocket Systems

We support clients' construction of reliability database and risk management by applying the reliability evaluation technology to rocket systems and Shinkansen, etc.

HII-A Rocket

Impact Evaluation of Semiconductor by Cosmic Rays

We support clients' high-quality semiconductor by simulation analysis of the influence of cosmic rays on the semiconductors mounted on rockets or satellites using Monte Carlo analysis.

Iron ion incidence on the silicon substrate (Monte Carlo)

Application of Mass Transfer Analysis Technology of Underground

The simulation of soil pollution and the dissolution and transport of prospective methane hydrate by applying the technique to analyze heat transport accompanied by mass transfer due to groundwater in the bedrock or soils, and also by temperature changes.

Construction of Knowledge System

We have constructed a knowledge system with excellent search ability which allows visualization of the whole information by stratifying and systematizing the large amount of documents, licensing information, system information, trouble information, etc.
It contributes to the efficiency and facilitation of the operation.