Information investigation, analysis, and evaluation

Analysis and Evaluation of Nuclear Technical Information

  • Collect & provide nuclear plant trends, licensing and regulation
  • Search, analysis and evaluation of incident-malfunction of international nuclear plants
  • Collect, translate and analyze international trends on nuclear regulation, licensing, business and technology

Support Nuclear Design & Engineering Technology

  • Assist and support for engineering, designing, project management
  • Investigation & research on plant safety improvement and plant life extension, fire protection and PSA
  • Translation of international nuclear technical information

Construction of Nuclear Technology Data Base

  • Database on design change of plant systems, incidents/malfunction of nuclear plants in the world
  • Database on existing design documents and information files
  • Construction of retrieved system on various information

Provision of Nuclear Generic Information

  • Dispatch the lecturer to public acceptance/planning and promotion of observation trips to nuclear facilities
  • Production of videos and pamphlets for nuclear public acceptance
  • Development of various web pages for nuclear energy

Investigation in specific fields

  • We investigate whatever technical, regulation, licensing information you may require worldwide


  • We meet various translation needs in the nuclear field.
  • Proofreading by native speakers.
  • Summarizing the voluminous report

Dispatch of consecutive and simultaneous interpreters

  • various language(French, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Turkish /etc.)

Dispatch of experienced engineers worldwide to work as a member of your team