Material Procurement

Major procured parts

Product Major procured parts
Engine and turbocharger parts Engines Fuel injection pumps, nozzles, starters, alternators, generators, heat exchangers, water pumps, bearing metals, pistons, pipes and hoses, gaskets, oil filters, control panels, O-rings, piston rings, etc.
Turbochargers Actuators, thrust bearings, snap rings, etc.
Castings / forgings and machined items Engines Crankcases, cylinder heads, crankshafts, connecting rods, camshafts, manifolds, flywheels, timing gear cases, flywheel housings, etc.
Turbochargers Turbine housings, compressor covers, bearing housings, precision castings
Common Bolts and nuts, pins, etc.
Sheet-metal items Engines Oil pans, common beds, bonnets, brackets, pipes, etc.

Our Procurement Policy

  1. Heavy emphasis on strategic procurement on a global scale (Strategic value over physical location of partners).
  2. Strengthen relationships with our partners which have higher technical and managerial standards in all product item groups.
    (This applys to both our current and prospective business partners.)
  3. Strive to achieve the Target Cost by total cost reduction.
  4. Employ information technology to maximise the speed and density of information exchange with our partners.
  5. Strictly ensure legal compliance.
  6. Procurement system that reflects global environmental concerns.

Requirements for Prospective Business Partners

  1. We require our partners that will work in unison with the design, materials personnel. Cost improvements on new models and strategically important models will always be a priority.
  2. We require our partners to have high levels of technological ability and a broad range of abilities to accommodate our needs.
    1. Partners must have the ability to handle tasks from raw materials processing, to final processing.
    2. Partners must have the ability to handle tasks from, part procurement, to subassembly.
    3. Partners must have in-house design and development capabilities.
    4. Partners must vigorously take part in VE activities, and must be able and willing to give us proposals for cost improvement.
    5. Partners must have overseas production bases, and be able to supply parts that are cost efficient than domestically made counterparts.NOTE: (1)Corporate group affiliations and physical locations of partners are not a major concern if the cost efficiency can be achieved.(2) For any company that can meet the requirements in the above, we may request a technical presentation at our premises.
  3. Currently, we provides a Web-based system (called the J-Pro system) that enables two-way electronic information exchange with partners.
    We ask our prospective business partners to ensure a system environment, and technological level that will allow the usage of this system.

Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidelines

Information for substances control regulations

We Require all of our Partners (Current and Prospective) to comply with all the GUIDELINES released on our Website.

  2. MHIET's original information exchange sheet

Contact information Regarding Substance Control

General Inquires for Substance Control
Substance Control Information Desk
Administration Group, Procurement Department
email:[email protected]

Substance Control Staff Office (Direct Contact Box for Q&A)
email:[email protected]

Inquiries for Control Systems regarding Chemical in Products
Such as information for, Check Sheet on the Management System of Chemicals in Products
Quality Management Section, Quality Assurance Department
email:[email protected]

Inquires for Product Substance Survey
Such as information for, MHIET's information exchange sheet etc.
Environmental Substance Control Help Desk
email:[email protected]

Contact for Business Proposal

Administration Group. Procurement Department
Phone 81-42-762-1973