MHIA Unveils Enhanced EVOL Digital Services Program


MHIA Unveils Enhanced EVOL Digital Services Program

MHIA is excited to announce significant enhancements to its EVOL Digital Services proram, highlighted by the expansion of the EVOL AR Library and its integration with the Maintenance Agreement Visits (MAVs).

EVOL AR Library for EVOL 100 now complete

The expanded EVOL AR Library now features a complete set of augmented reality-enhanced procedures for the EVOL 100, providing a comprehensive collection of 120 operation and maintenance guides. These procedures, ranging from basic machine calibrations to advanced maintenance tasks, offer users immersive, step-by-step guidance to improve the ease and effectiveness of machine maintenance.

Future Development of EVOL 115 Procedures

Looking forward, MHIA is committed to further enriching its digital offerings, with the development of the EVOL AR Library for the EVOL 115. Tailored procedures are currently being added to ensure users have access to the most relevant and up-to-date instructions for their equipment.

Integration with Maintenance Agreement Visits (MAVs)

In an innovative step to integrate digital resources with hands-on support, MHIA has also integrated the EVOL Digital Services into its Maintenance Agreement Visits (MAVs) program. Customers participating in MAVs will now benefit automatically from both the EVOL AR and EVOL CBT programs, enhancing the value and effectiveness of their maintenance agreements

“At MHIA, innovation is our driving force,” said Christine Little, Director of Sales for MHIA Corrugating Machinery Division. “These advancements in our EVOL Digital Services are part of our ongoing commitment to revolutionizing service operations and empowering our customers with cutting-edge tools for success.”

MHIA invites all stakeholders to explore the new possibilities opened by these enhancements to the EVOL Digital Services. Together, we continue to redefine excellence in digital service solutions and equipment maintenance.