Reactor Vessel Heads (RVH)

Mitsubishi's latest generation RVH utilizes many improved design features and manufacturing techniques to both reduce residual tensile stresses and augment corrosion resistance. Replacement heads have been successfully delivered at 41 reactors worldwide including 15 RVHs in the U.S.

Benefits include:

  • The Canopy-less Design improves the reliability of the pressure boundary. To date, of the 1,500 Mitsubishi replacement CRDMs installed in the industry, none have had any leakage issues.
  • The Package In/Package Out approach eliminates site welding of CRDMs, decreasing schedule and project risk.
  • Single Piece Forgings to ensure material strength and reliability.
  • Alloy 690 Penetration and Narrow Gap J-Welding for enhanced resistance to PWSCC.