Flight Operation / Technology / Aircraft Maintenance

Flight Operation

Flight Operation Department conducts flight operations for aircraft owned by Diamond Air Service Inc. We perform various activities related to flight operation services in close cooperation with related organizations to create a special environment for different flight operation experiments and observations. Our services range from flight proposals and advice based on wide experience in flight to the collection of weather information necessary for flight operation, surveillance of flight paths, and arrangement airspace usage.
We carefully work out the most effective possible flight plans to offer safe and wide-ranging aviation services.


Engineering Department provides a comprehensive array of services and activities such as coordination with customers on various observations and experimental flights, designs and modification required to install equipment to aircraft, coordination with Japan Civil Aviation Bureau, support for the installation of equipment to aircraft and support for observations and experiments conducted by customers on board.
We work together closely with Flight Operation Department, Aircraft Maintenance Department and customers to develop technologies by applying the various potentials of aircrafts to experiments and observation services.

Aircraft Maintenance

We conduct routine inspections, periodical inspections, and aircraft inspections of the aircraft owned by Diamond Air Service Inc., change equipment, and repair and modify aircraft. When our aircraft flies to distant destination, we can have our personnel on board to conduct maintenance and support flight operation in flight.
We are working to prevent troubles caused by our special flights and ensure flight safety at all times.
We conduct wide-ranging aircraft maintenance activities such as time management services for aircraft and equipment, parts procurement, maintenance plans and more.
We can also have personnel on board to support experiments and observations in flight.