NDC Activities

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In Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' Group, MHI Nuclear Development Corporation is a R & D company to improve and develop safe and reliable nuclear fuels, reactor components and radioactive waste disposal through the coordinated application of testing, research work and analytical survey.

R/D and Testing to Support Nuclear Power Plant Operation

Testing of Reactor Component Materials

  • Reliability Examination of Materials Used in the Reactor Coolant System
  • Investigation of Reactor Vessel Material Properties by Surveillance Test
  • Capability Test of Charcoal Filter

Research on Water Chemistry of Reactor Coolant

  • Improvement of PWR Primary Coolant Chemistry
  • Reduction of Radiation Dose Rate in Nuclear Power Plant

Application of Radiation Measurement Technique

  • Radionuclide Migration Behavior in the Reactor Coolant System
  • Performance Verification of Special Radiation Measurement Device

R/D and Testing of Nuclear Fuel and Core Internals

Development of Safe and Reliable Nuclear Fuels

  • Evaluation and Improvement of Fuel Pellets and Cladding Materials
  • Post Irradiation Examination of PWR Fuel to Verify Fuel Integrity after Irradiation
  • Hydraulic Tests of Fully Mock-up Fuel Assembly (FMFA) and Components under Reactor Flow Condition
  • Mechanical Tests of FMFA and Components Focused on Seismic and Accident Events
  • CFD Analysis to Estimate Thermal-hydraulic Flow Behavior in FA and Reactor Core
  • Structual Analysis to Simulate Mechanical Behavior of FA and Development of Seismic Analysis Code

Development of Safe and Reliable Core Internals

  • Study on Hydraulic and Mechanical Characteristics of Control Rods and Core Internals

R/D and Testing on the Back-End of Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Development of Radiochemical Analytical Technology

  • Minuscule Quantity Element Analytical Technique using Radioactive Tracers
  • Development of Analytical Technique of Long Half-Life Nuclides

Safety Assessment of Treatment and Disposal of Radioactive Waste

  • Estimation of Radionuclide Migration Model on Underground Disposal
  • Development of Microanalysis Technique to Detect Radioactive Nuclides in Waste

Decommissioning Study of Fukushima-DaiIchi

  • Evaluation of Radioactivity in Disaster Waste
  • Research Study of Fuel Debris Retrieval and Storage Technique