Attachment Notification to Contract for Indemnification of Nuclear Damage Compensation, report of correction to MEXT


MNF signed Contract for Indemnification of Nuclear Damage Compensation with MEXT based on the Act. With the request of MEXT, MNF thoroughly investigates the procedures of revisions of Attachment Notification to the Contract in the past and finds one inadequate preparation and MNF reports them to MEXT, today.

Nuclear operator is due to submit Attachment Notification whenever modified to MEXT, however, MNF did not make any revisions to it, when MNF modified the equipment* in facilities in 2009.

However, this inadequacy does not make any defects on equipment safety.

MNF introduced the management system on regulatory requested document since 2012 to avoid any inadequacy. This time, MNF investigates the past record, and finds the mistakes of skipping the revisions of Attachment Notification to MEXT in the sections in charge before the introduction of management system.

Reflecting the inadequate preparation, MNF revises related job instructions, the effective utilization of management system and notice to related staff to actively implement the prevention measures at the best.

  • Powder cracking and mixing equipment installed in the pellet trial manufacturing room in the Fuel Fabrication/Testing Building