Decarbonization Activities for the Maritime Industry
-Season 6-


Reassessment of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets in the Maritime Industry

During MEPC80(*1), held in London from July 3 to 9, the following revisions to greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets were adopted, and it is expected that activities toward decarbonization will be further accelerated.

★ Achieve net-zero GHG emissions by or around 2050.
★ Uptake zero/near-zero GHG fuels/tech/energy at least 5% of energy in 2030
★ As intermediate targets, reduce GHG emissions by at least 20% (striving for 30%) compared to 2008 levels by 2030 and by at least 70% (striving for 80%) by 2040.

(*1) MEPC = The Marine Environment Protection Committee of the IMO


Collaboration with Leading Global Research Centers
for Maritime Industry Decarbonization

1) MMMCZCS(Maersk Mckinney Moller Center
   for Zero Carbon Shipping)

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group has been a founding partner since 2020 and has participated in numerous projects as a strategic partner. On May 23 and 24, the Group took part in the Accelerate Partners Summit held in Copenhagen, addressing challenges and solutions across the entire value chain from upstream to downstream for advancing decarbonization in the maritime industry in each of the sessions. On June 23, MMMCZCS and the Lloyds Register Maritime Decarbonization Hub (MDH) jointly presented a proposal for the design and operation of ammonia-fueled ships based on risk analysis in various academic domains. Members from our group also contributed to the proposal.

With MMMCZCS CEO Mr. Bo Cerup-Simonsen

2) Global Maritime Forum (GMF)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Equipment (MHI-MME) signed a memorandum of understanding with GMF, based in Copenhagen, on September 7, aiming to explore opportunities for closer collaboration and form partnerships to promote and achieve shared targets in decarbonizing the maritime industry. In conjunction with this, we will actively participate in various projects and events with the company, contributing as a technology provider to address the many challenges faced by the maritime industry ecosystem.

With GMF CEO Ms. Johannah Chistensen

3) Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation (GCMD)

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group started the dialogue with Singapore based GCMD(Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation).
After several bilateral meetings, both parties recognized that collaboration as a partner in the maritime industry, especially focusing on the alternative fuel bunkering projects and onboard / onshore decarbonization projects in Singapore and overseas could accelerate the decarbonization in shipping.
Singapore is a strategic shipping/port spot in transitioning to alternative fuels in the Asia-Pacific region, and we will consider a wide range of activities from fuel production, storage, transportation, power generation, bunkering, etc.

With GCMD CEO Prof. Lynn Loo

Participation in Global Exhibitions, Conferences, and Seminars

With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, many global exhibitions, conferences, and seminars that had been forced to postpone or cancel have resumed in full swing. In response, the MHI Group has actively engaged in product presentations and networking activities. Notable events include:

1) Singapore Maritime Week 2023、Sea Asia 2023

Singapore Maritime Week was held from April 24 to 28, with Sea Asia 2023 taking place concurrently. The MHI Group participated as a member of the Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association. During this period, the group visited the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) to engage in discussions about decarbonization and digitalization in the maritime industry. The commitment to further collaboration was confirmed during these discussions.

A scene from Sea Asia Exhibition                                  Meeting with the Singapore Shipping Association

2) 2) Bari-Ship 2023

From May 25 to 27, we had an exhibit at Bari-Ship 2023 held in Imabari. This was the first time in four years that the exhibition has been held, and it attracted many visitors. During the event, we conducted seminars on the following three key themes, which gathered a large audience.
a) Latest developments in MET turbochargers
b) Introduction of decarbonization technology in the MHI Groupʼs for the maritime industry
c) Products and services from Mitsubishi Shipbuilding's engineering business

At a booth                            At a seminar

3) NorーShipping 2023

Nor-Shipping 2023 was held in Oslo from June 6 to 9. Our company's executives and European representatives visited the venue, which provided an opportunity for market research and discussions with customers.
We reaffirmed our commitment to these efforts as part of our greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction activities and the need to provide MET turbochargers for new fuel engines using alternative fuels such as methanol and ammonia. Mitsubishi Shipbuilding participated in the Japan Pavilion and conducted presentations on the progress of LCO2 transport vessels.

Japan Pavilion Opening Ceremony

4) CIMAC 2023 Busan Congress

From June 12 to 16, we participated in the CIMAC 2023 Busan Congress, which had been postponed for a year.
We presented data demonstrating the successful operation of MET turbochargers for ultra-large methanol-fueled 2- stroke engines, along with papers on our efforts in adapting to alternative fuels.
Other companies in the internal combustion engine industry also reported making steady progress in technology development to achieve decarbonization by 2050.

Presenting a paper onthe MET turbocharger at CIMAC

5) Malaysia Maritime Week 2023

In conjunction with Malaysia Maritime Week 2023 (June 20 to 22), a Malaysia Maritime Technology Seminar was held on June 21. Our company's executives delivered a speech as representatives of the Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association, and our local representatives visited the area and interacted with Malaysian customers.
Malaysia has plans for the construction of many offshore supply vessels (OSVs) in the future, and there is a strong interest in Japan's maritime manufacturers and their environmentally friendly technologies. The technology seminar attracted a large audience.

A scene from the Malaysia Maritime Technology Seminar