Delivery of Deck Cranes Exceeds 9,000 Units


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems (MHI-MS) has a production record of over half a century since introducing deck cranes to the market in 1972.

In October 2023, the number of delivered units exceeded 9,000. MHI-MS is the sole manufacturer supplying products in the primary deck crane markets of both Japan and China, and it has achieved top market shares in both countries.

With a product lineup that features the own brand hydraulic motors, data logging function, electrically driven cranes, and other cutting-edge technologies, MHI-MS will continue to support global logistics.


Mitsubishi Electrically driven Deck Cranes


MHI-MS has a record of delivering electrically driven deck cranes in addition to conventional electric-hydraulic-driven cranes, offering superior environmental performance.