Establishment of Superheater Tube Thickness Measurement Method for Mitsui E&S's Main Boilers


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Equipment has established a new method for thickness measurement using internal ultrasonic measurement for superheater tube of main boilers manufactured by Mitsui E&S Co., Ltd. (formerly Mitsui E&S Machinery Co., Ltd.), with whom we have a service agreement.
We have initiated proposals for diagnostics based on measurements across the entire circumference and height.

Main boilers installed on LNG ships are primarily designed for continuous operation, and stopping the boiler can impact the ship's operation. As a result, during regular drydock inspections, our engineers dispatched from our company conduct inspections of the boiler body, superheaters, economizers, thickness measurements, control devices, and automatic control equipment.

In particular, regarding the superheaters, they are exposed to high-temperature gases exceeding 1,000°C externally while being used under steam temperatures ranging from 515°C to 560° C internally. Measuring the thickness during each drydock inspection is essential for assessing the remaining service life andsignificantly contributes to the safe operation of the ship.

With the technology developed, we aim to contribute to the safety of LNG ship operations by applying this inspection method not only to our products but also to boilers manufactured by Mitsui E&S.


Example of Measurement with an Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


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