MITSUI E&S Completes First MET Turbocharger Manufactured Under License from MHI-MME


Mitsui E&S Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Takeyuki Takahashi; Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; "Mitsui E&S"), which signed a license agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. (MHI-MME) to manufacture and sell MET turbochargers in 2022, has now completed the first two turbochargers under license, the MET66MBII and MET42MB.

The two turbochargers will be installed in the 6G80ME-C10.6-EGRTC marine main engine being manufactured by Mitsui E&S.

The engine adopt a sequential turbocharging system (*1) that combines two turbochargers.

Mitsui E&S plans to expand licensed production to other models in the future.

MHI-MME and Mitsui E&S will keep on the collaboration for the further growth of the marine engine and turbocharger business for the next decades.

(*1 ) Sequential turbocharging system:
A set up that enables efficient turbocharging by installing more than one turbocharger on an engine and concentrating the exhaust gas to one of the turbochargers at lower engine speeds to obtain turbocharging when the amount of exhaust gas is small. When there is a large amount of exhaust gas, the gas is directed to either both turbochargers and/or to the larger turbocharger for efficient turbocharging at a broader range of engine speeds.

MET42MB (left) and MET66MBII (right) turbochargers manufactured by Mitsui E&S