The MC-EF Series Multi-fueled Fired Donkey Boiler
(Initial Order Intake)


MHI-MME has received initial orders for two types of the small-capacity, multi-fueled fired donkey boiler MC-EF series.
One order is for the MC-80EF, which is for an LNG-fueled container ship built in an overseas shipyard, and the other is for the MC-50EF, which is for an LNG-fueled car carrier built in a Japanese shipyard.
The development of the small-capacity, multi-fueled MC-EF type boiler was completed in 2021 and is a scaled-down and dual-fuel version of the previously developed mid-capacity cylindrical boiler (25t/h to 35 t/h) for tankers. In order to meet the Boil Off Gas (BOG) treatment volume required for LNG-fueled ships, we have a lineup that ranges from 5t/h to 8t/h (equivalent to 322kg/h to 516kg/h of BOG treatment volume) in steam evaporation.
This boiler is designed to be able to safely treat the BOG output from the fuel tank in a free-flow condition. In addition, the Gas Valve Enclosure (GVE) may be provided to meet the International Gas Fuel ship safety code (IGF code).

Both boilers for these projects will be manufactured by Marukin-Sato Shipbuilding & Iron Products Co., Ltd. in Japan, but boilers for overseas shipyards will be manufactured mainly by our Chinese licensee, CSSC Jiujiang Boiler Co., Ltd. for the next project.

The demand for LNG-fueled ships are expected to increase going forward as a bridge until fuels such as ammonia and hydrogen become practical, within the context of the transition of ship fuels for the decarbonization of the maritime industry. MHI-MME will provide not only large-capacity boilers, but also small-capacity boilers that meet the needs of our customers.